We are Socially Responsible: BANGKOK PREMIUMS is a Corporate Social Certified procurement agency, compliance with regulations/ethics is at the centre of our attention.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a key function in our Industry, we know that it is a decisional factor for our clientele, and we are proud, at BANGKOK PREMIUMS, to be able to use this as a competitive advantage.

Indeed, we have always been dedicated, since our inception, to source and produce ethically and with integrity, and are proud to be Sedex SMETA audited and certified.

Our compliance department systematically conducts audits on our supply Chain, and guarantees all aspects of sustainability and corporate social responsibility are checked, noted, and respected.

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Sustainable Premium
Eco-Friendly Premium


Sustainability is at the center of all what we do.

We ensure sustainable procurement through a balance of economic, social and environmental consideration in our processes.

This achieves our commitment to produce economically, ethically and efficiently, by taking into account Ethics, Environmental Management, and socio-economic benefits.

We recognize that businesses can have a negative impact on the environment. We are committed, and enjoy finding ways in which we can reduce the impact of products and services we propose.

So together with our employees, partners and factories we defined our Environment and Sustainability Policy.


Discover in our Policy  how we implement these principles in a practical way:

    • Applied in our offices on consumption of resources, purchase of equipment, travels and meetings, Working Practices and Advice to Clients
    • Applied in our business in term of legal and supplier compliance, waste management, energy, recycle and use of Recycled Materials, delivery methods, product selection


Learn more about the difference between the many different sustainable materials so that we can jointly reduce the amount of waste and get better at recycling and re-creating. BANGKOK PREMIUMS is your partner in the sustainable, eco-friendly journey.