BANGKOK PREMIUMS provides promotional items and corporate merchandise programs to promote our client’s branding, expand their market position as well as branding value

Our Key Account team members are specialists in creative product ideas and in guiding our clients to get the most cost-effective promotional items campaigns in accordance with their marketing strategy.

Promotional Items Bangkok
Corporate Work Wear


BANGKOK PREMIUMS can meet all of your uniform, safety and co-branded merchandise needs with just about any type of clothing or accessory imaginable.

Overalls? Fire resistant apparel? Company or Industrial uniforms? High-Vis apparel? Safety incentives? Employee recognition items?

BANGKOK PREMIUMS covers all your needs in terms of Uniforms, corporate workwear, safety apparel and gear.


Your Logo + Trusted Brands = Amazing Value.

BANGKOK PREMIUMS can offer corporate apparel of premium brands, co-branded with your company logo.

We work to identify the brands and products that best represent your company’s commitment to safety, brand management and cost control.

We meet all of your co-branded merchandise needs: t-shirts, polos, jackets, shorts, pants, headwear—or just about any type of clothing or accessory imaginable. We offer a large selection of sport and leisure clothing, and our executive-level relationships with brands like The North Face, Columbia, Champion, Nike, Apple, Bose, Under Armour, Adidas, Polo and more ensure that our apparel is of the highest quality available.

Custom the North Face jackets
Licensed Promotional Gifts


Licensed Promotional Product made easy, Disney, Hello Kitty, Pixar, Transformers, Pokemon, … Contact us!

BANGKOK PREMIUMS is your partner for any promotional licensed products, promotional licensed gifts. Hello Kitty License, Disney License, Transformers License, Pokemon License, you name the one you like, we take care of it. We have extensive experience in that field and we believe there is no better way to promote a brand!

We delivered dozens of promotional operations involving licensed promotional gifts. Our customers for these specific requests, always want very high quantities and have very thought timelines. It takes some experience to be able to manage them. Be it for Disney Promotional Gifts, Pixar Promotional Gifts or Hello Kitty Promotional Gifts, the licensing part of the job always takes time and experienced staff.


Our customers often name us after our creative services, and we are proud of it!

We have a fully integrated design studio to serve your custom merchandising needs.

Our Design Studio is at the heart of BANGKOK PREMIUMS competency. Composed of 10 designers/engineers we can help you with your merchandising creations.

We can do it all, to simplify your Marketers life: work from an open brief, perform brainstorming and ideation, and propose innovative solutions to your marketing teams. From product development, collection development to artwork, graphic design, we serve all your needs.

Our integrated approach design + sourcing  position us as the quickest, most innovative and cost-efficient option on the market.

Design Visuals: 

We support our customers with simple design and creation of visuals to help them visualize the end product before purchase: creation of product sketches, creation of collections, …

Innovative custom product design: 

We have our own Product Prototyping center in Bangkok, boasting a large capacity CNC Machine, a Spray Painting Machine, Pad Printing and Silk Screen Printing machines. We do 2D, 3D modeling,

BANGKOK PREMIUMS takes responsibility for upholding its clients’ brand guidelines and corporate values, ensuring the products and services we supply are an extension of the brand itself.

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Nestle PP Woven Bag [20-01-21]


We get the best sourcing from Thailand and China and control over the manufacturing.

Our dedicated Key Accounts understand your business and have been trained to support you and help you develop your sales of marketing materials with your FMCG clients.

They will advise you on the best promotional item, the trends, the most cost and time efficient production techniques, and will keep you up to date on all production processes.

We have a reliable, efficient and competitive sourcing platform, with products in all sectors, offering you low purchase prices and quality assurance thanks to our knowledge and large trade volumes.

We work with a network of audited suppliers to source and manufacture the perfect products for our customers.

All our vendors are selected to enable us to achieve our objective of always adding value – innovation, reliability, ethical working practices and competitive pricing.

We leverage flexibility through a network of local Thai and off-shore vendors which uniquely positions us to allow our clients’ critical business drivers to define the most appropriate supply routes – lowest cost or  fastest lead-time, custom manufacture or low order quantities for example.


Our quality standard matches Yours: No compromise on Product quality, safety and compliance

Our well-known 4SPP production follow-up procedures are accurate and unique. Every raw material is carefully inspected by our merchandisers, and quality controllers inspect running productions and ensure timely and qualitative deliveries.
As our client, you get detailed reports and understand how your product is being produced and get full assurance on its quality.

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Our in-house logistics department is expert in managing all necessary customs and duties requirements to ensure consignments meet local import legislation, selecting the most suitable and cost-effective delivery service on and order by order basis.  On time. On budget. And in one piece.

You can choose to have your items stored in our Asian based warehouse. We will take care of everything from goods receipt, quality control, stock management, track and trace and staggered or full disbursement.

Contact us for a contract proposal based on your current warehousing and logistics challenges. We will create a solution that matches your needs.


Harness BANGKOK PREMIUMS to create your company’s online merchandise store.

Save your team’s time for what really matters, and leave the corporate branded apparel, promotional items and management to us.



Our user friendly web shops will allow your employees, distributors, retailers, partners to:

  • Order Predefined Collection: Order from your pre-approved promotional merchandise collection, providing the assurance of quality and adherence to brand guidelines. 2 models are possible: pre-purchased stocks or on-demand production (we print on demand from collection from order to order)
  • Group Buy/Global Order Window: Consolidate all orders at the branch, region, nationwide level to help users buy promotional items collectively. It enables users in one region or across multiple regions to order together, resulting in cost savings by combining their order quantities (lower minimum price, minimized stocks).
  • Order Custom Promotional Merchandise: Few steps process to guide your teams from ideation to design of their custom promotional merchandise, securing your brand
  • Report on all the above

The webshop can be created in many ways, and its features, functionalities, and design can be adjusted to meet the client’s demands.

You can outsource it all to BANGKOK PREMIUMS, web shop, management of orders, group consolidation, and reporting. This will definitely make your life at ease.

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